Why Us

Hello Beautiful

Klasik organics Natural Deo is 100% organic.This means,it is aluminum-free,no preservatives added, zero carcinogenic elements, and zero chemicals that are harsh on your skin.

Klasik Natural Deo only contains nourishing all-natural plant-based ingredients that help you smell and feel fresh.We have carefully curated our all-natural deo to ensure it truly treats your skin gently while removing nasty uncomfortable body odor.When creating our line of all-natural deodorants, we pay special attention to the ingredients that make it to the final product.

Our Promise

Our philosophy is to deliver a deo so natural and safe that your skin benefits from the included nourishing ingredients grown on plants.We deeply believe that our commitment to using only plant-based ingredients as opposed to chemicals grown on a lab, plays a role at least in the long term albeit small, in combating the negative effects inorganic chemicals have on our soil, water and the air we breathe.We are conscious about our environment and always strive to make it better – in our own small way.If an ingredient or chemical is grown on a lab somewhere then it cannot possibly make it to the final product.

The Skin

The skin is our largest organ which constantly provides us with protection against many undesirable external elements. We believe our skin ought to be treated gently and cared for abundantly for it to continue doing what it does best, effectively.In doing its marvelous job, our skin constantly comes into contact with nasty bacteria from both within and outside the body which can cause body odor.

And in the fight against body odor, most people have unfortunately turned to harmful chemical-filled products which are not only harmful to their skin but also pose a detrimental health risk with every application.Some of the commonly used products often list ingredients that have constantly been proven to be unsafe in the short-term with even more injurious long-term effects.

Our Belief

We believe body odor can be fought while at the same time nourishing the skin, preventing damage, and without exposing the body to life-threatening chemicals.It is this belief that lead us to set on a mission to develop an all-natural deodorant with only plant-based ingredients that effectively fights and wins against body odor while promoting a healthy skin. This combination of healthy with applicability makes it the ultimate classic natural deo, and hence the name Klasik Organics Natural Deodorant.