Quality Statement

After years of child-like fun experiments, trials and errors without number, some failure along the way, we finally arrived at our success in curating an actually working all-natural deodorant.

No aluminum added, no preservatives added, no hidden chemicals.

And even better, Klasik Natural deo is good at what it does; fighting bacteria on your skin which causes body odor. Our Natural deo is not specifically designed to be an antiperspirant, however, it contains some natural starches that absorb moisture to ensures you are always dry and fresh.

Always remember, your body is meant to sweat to keep you cool. Sweat does not generally cause body odor, it is the harmful bacteria our Natural Deo fights that causes body odor and becomes particularly active when there’s enough moisture in the form of sweat.Instead of focusing on closing the pores on your skin to prevent sweating like most inorganic lab-grown deodorants, Klasik Natural Deo instead chooses to focus on the root cause of body odor; bacteria.